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Tu'el Clear-it has sulfur - a wonderful ingredient for controlling and healing Adult Acne and Teen Acne Blemishes/Zits/Pimples. Clear-it will clear the blemish without drying up the skin around it - unlike so many other Acne products that cause dry and flaky skin around the blemish. It is ideal for Teen Acne as well as Adult Acne.

Please reviewthe blog entries in the Acne category and the Blue Turtle Spa video 'Acne: New Strategies'

This quick-acting, lotion for blemishes works on all skin types. Tu'eL Clear-It (Blemish Control) dissolves and dries blemishes and acts as a germicide. It works on the blemish only. It is used as an immediate control for any blemishes that appear on the face or body and is excellent on upper shoulders and back. I have found that it also helps eliminate cholesterol deposits and milia (both are tiny white lumps on the skin) and sebaceous cysts by applying a small amount on the spot 2 x a day...it may take a while (many weeks) but it will work in the end.

This manufacturer does not test on animals.

Made in the USA specifically for professional esthetic practices.

The nature and chemistry of your skin is unique, therefore interactions with the chemistry of products is potentially unpredictable. Please ensure that you review our return policy as well as the terms of use of the site and legal disclaimers.

Usually ships within 2 business days.

Ingredients Deionized Water, Allantoin, Colloidal Sulfur, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lemon Oil, Carbomer, Triethanolamine

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Tu'el Clear it for acne zits and blemishes with colloidal sulfur
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