Blue Turtle SpaTM is an online Skincare Boutique. We select skin care products based on the quality and quantity of the ingredients in each and whether the products can provide effective skin care solutions. We do not make decisions based on the marketing hype that all cosmetic companies are famous for. Consequently, we do not sell any complete product line - we only sell the products that we evaluate as being effective and valuable.

None of our products are tested on animals - neither by ourselves nor by the original product manufacturer. We believe in cruelty free skin care and believe it is unethical to subject any animals to pain, suffering and death due to our desire to take care of our skin. We do not agree with testing products on animals - other than voluntary testing by humans. Causing pain to animals (they do not volunteer for this cruel treatment) through all forms of testing is immoral. We donate a % of our proceeds to,,,,,,, and many others.

We use PayPal as our secure and trusted processor of all online payments at our store.

We are committed to providing great skin care advice via the internet, though we can never be 100% accurate at all times because each customer has unique skin chemistry and thus could react differently to the chemistry of the products applied to their skin. It is best that we perform a facial on your skin to best understand it, but in the absence of that direct contact, we shall do our best to make you happy with your skin.

We are not medical professionals, just well informed, educated and experienced estheticians, and as such we make no claims that we can diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. None of our statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.